Sri Dhanvantari Arogyashram Trust was established in 1961 by The Sadvaidyasala Private Limited, a premier Ayurvedic medicine manufacturing Company. The Company itself was started in the year 1913 by Bhishagratna Ayurveda Vidwan B.V. Pundit (1987 -1975).

By 1960, the Company had gained popularity for its ayurvedic products in most parts of Karnataka and wanted to help people of Nanjangud and surrounding villages get good ayurvedic treatment, it was with this intention that the Board of Directors of Sadvaidyasala thought of setting up a not-for-profit trust that offered ayurvedic care at very affordable prices.

The trustees are members of the founder’s family, Ayurveda Bhishak Sri B.V. Venkatesha Murthy is the current Chairman of the Trust. The main object of the trust of course is to provide authentic Ayurvedic treatment for various diseases, and to indulge in activities related to the promotion, progress, and development of the science of Ayurveda.

Our Services

Prakriti Chikitsa

Prakriti is the basic constitution of an Individual. It is the unique balance of the doshas of an individual. Ayurveda strongly believes every individual is unique and the Physical and Mental characteristics and behaviour is the outcome of the Doshic predominance of one’s Prakriti. Prakriti of a person remains the same through lifetime. Ayurveda understands imbalance in ones prakriti as disorder and restoring the original balance as cure. Hence, Prakriti plays a vital role in the management of disease.


Swarnaprashana, a part of the shodasha samskaras is a process in which gold, in its ingestible form, is given orally with a specially prepared herbal ghee. Swarnaprashana is administered on the Pushya Nakshatra Day of every month. Swarnaprashana is known to help build natural immunity, improve grasping power and memory. The composition also aids in improving appetite, skin tone & preventing minor allergies. It is most recommended in children of a developing age, specially when they are prone to falling ill.

Skin Care

Most herbs used in Ayurvedic skin care are rich in antioxidants. Both fresh organically grown herbs as well as dried herbs are used in making face pack, scrubs, and face wash, which are used in our treatments. Oil infused with such herbs is used for abhyanga, post which treatment with sweda(steam) promotes skin health.


Rasayana is a major part of Ayurveda that deals with preventive aspect of disease and approach to a healthy lifestyle. A process in which the Rasadi dhatus get nourished thereby improves the longevity of life. It is a classical way to slow down the aging process and has positive impact on physical and mental health.


Our experienced doctors provide professional advice in case of Stress management, Neuromuscular diseases, Infertility, Respiratory health, Weight management, Gynaecological health, Skin and Hair Care etc., based on the Doshas, Prakriti and Vikriti.


It’s a fundamental aspect of ayurveda that deals with purificatory procedures. Panchakarma is a clinical method of detoxification which uses the herbal medicaments and therapies to eliminate the vitiated(imbalanced) doshas. Panchakarma comprises of Vamana, Virechana, Basti, Nasya, Raktamokshana.